Commercial Services

Doug's Bug Company provides services to commercial clients of all types. From restaurants to hotels, apartments to HOA's, a custom pest control solution will be provided to you. We specialize in Bed Bug Scent Detection K-9 Inspecitons, Bed Bug Heat Treatments, safely eradicating ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and more.  We pride ourselves on being professional, courteous, and honest. Call or email us today for a free estimate. 

Property Management

We understand how challenging it can be to manage multiple units and personalities under one roof. Doug's Bug Co. knows how to eliminate and prevent pest infestations from the source. By providing regular and thorough exterior inspections and treatments, we can reduce interior treatments and overall pesticide usage. We aim to create a safer environment for tenants and homeowners. Reduce lost revenue from having vacant units due to pest infestations.



Doug's Bug Co. has all the tools and experience to provide a one-of-a-kind pest control protection plan for the hospitality industry. With regular K-9 bed bug inspections, we are always ahead of the infestation. Don't let a bed bug ruin your reputation overnight. We offer heat treatments to eradicate pests and get rooms back in service within hours. Losing revenue due to pests is not an option. We sleep better at night knowing your guests won't have their party crashed by bed bugs or other pests.


Food Service

We have a simple theory on how a kitchen should be - Pest Free! Cockroaches, ants, rats, and flies love the cook lines, drains, and dry storage. We take food safety and protecting your customers health very seriously. Doug's Bug Company will perform regular inspections, monitoring, and preventative treatments to ensure we are always one move ahead. We provide detailed service reports with each service. From your local diner to full size commercial kitchens, we customize a plan to fit your budget and standard.

Office Buildings

Meetings with staff and clients, closing deals, trying to hit a deadline - all considered normal at the office. Having cockroaches crawling on the water cooler is not. When cockroaches or rodents infest an office building, it causes more stress, poor morale, and low productivity. Trust Doug's Bug Company to eliminate pests at the source and keep them OUT of the company meetings. 


Corporations spend millions of dollars a year on advertising to strengthen their brand and keep loyal customers from online shopping from the convenience of their home. With the increased competition and options for your customers, don't allow an infested store or food court ruin all your hard work. Doug's Bug Company will ensure your customers can enjoy their experience and ensure your image isn't tarnished. 


Multiple vendors, managers, employees, and customers coming in and out of doors all day and night. Pests are opportunists. Supermarkets and stores provide unlimited resources and harborage spots for cockroaches, rats, flies, and more. A single German cockroach "egg" or ootheca, can produce over 40 cockroach nymphs. It is crucial to have a thorough pest control plan in action. Doug's Bug Company will be sure your customers can shop in a pest free environment.

*We can safely and professionally provide service to just about any structure or property. Give us a call for a customized quote or email us now.