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Disinfecting Services


Rats and mice are one of the most common household and commercial pests. They can get into a structure through only a 1/4" hole or gap! These crafty mammals destroy insulation, electrical, plumbing and more. If property damage wasn't bad enough, rodents can carry and spread more than 35 diseases. These diseases can be spread directly to humans via contact with rodent urine or feces, saliva, handling live or dead rodents and even through bites. Diseases carried by rats and mice can also be spread to humans indirectly via fleas, ticks, mites or blood feeders which have fed on an infected rodent.


Our rodent services begin with a full interior and exterior property inspection to determine how the rodents are getting into the structure, the level of infestation and/or sanitation issues that may be attracting rodents. We then exclude the rodents by repairing or sealing the rodent entry points, stopping further rodent entry. Once the structure has been sealed/repaired, we trap out the rodents and perform several follow up visits to ensure there is no further rodent activity.


Once we have guaranteed there is no active rodent infestation, the disinfecting process begins. Our services include removing the infected insulation or personal items, disinfecting the area - attic, crawl space, interior, garage etc., and replacing new insulation. There is no job too big or too small!

Attic / Crawl Space Clean-out

Attics and crawl spaces often harbor pests and rodents. Rodents burrow into insulation and use it to build nests, all while urinating and dropping feces throughout your home.


Did you know if you have old construction materials, wood, cardboard or other cellulose material stored or abandoned in your attic or crawl space of your home or business, termites are much more attracted to your structure by providing a rich environment for them to thrive in. Cockroaches, silverfish and other pests take advantage of these types of environments.


We can remove these items and offer proactive services to stop these destructive pests. We can also disinfect these areas and replace new insulation.